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Tired of paying too much for a website?

Introducing fixed price websites. Guaranteed.

We use the best tools out there. To create the site of your dreams.

And to deliver the best website at the best price.

How It Works

Select A Beautiful Layout

Choose from a collection of beautifully designed blocks that you can mix & match to create a great looking webpage.

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Add Awesome Features

Add social feeds, popups, chat, YouTube and image carousels, Cookie Consent, Typeforms, signups, counters, and more.

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Add Live Data, Searches, and Filters

Connect to Airtable and choose how to display your data - in table format, card layout, longform pages & more. Add search & filters as well.

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Select from beautiful layout blocks.

Mix and match from layout blocks like these.

Install amazing & highly customizable features like social feeds or forms on your site.

All for a fixed price.


Block Layouts


Feature Selections


Hours + Dollars Saved


Select from powerful features.

Mix and match from features options like these.

An approach that saves you money.

Not to mention literally weeks of time.


Median Price




Days To Build

Add data to your website. Add even more power with searches and filters.

Connect to data in Airtable.

Add full app functionality in a snap.

Did we mention we charge a fixed price?


No overages. No surprises.

So Many

Jaws Dropped


Minds Blown


Eyes Boggled

Menu-based ordering. Just like a drive-thru.

Place your order from a menu of items. Get one of our combos or pick items a la carte.

Painless and quick.

See exactly what the price is for each item or combo.

Know exactly what you are getting.

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Menu-Based Ordering

Easily select your website options off a menu, and get a guaranteed total price.

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No Fine Print

The price we show you couldn't be clearer. You know exactly what you are getting.

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A technology-first approach to website design

Built with efficiency and ease-of-use in mind.

For us and you.

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Fast & painless platform

We build websites in blocks that fit well together, using best-in-class tools. So we can put together a great website for you, fast.

Add Widgets

Select from useful widgets such as social feeds, popups, chat, YouTube, Cookie Consent, and more. All customizable.

Add Automation

Connect to powerful backend processes. Connect user actions to Zapier, Microsoft Power Automate, Airtable, and more.

Add Data

Display dynamic data from Airtable in tables, cards, or pages. We have numerous layouts. Choose your options and we'll do the rest for you.

Come Build Your Site


No Code Revolution

Join us. You won't be disappointed.

No Code Revolution.

Order your website as easily as fast food.

No Code Revolution

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