Choose From Blocks Like Lego

Select the blocks you need and build the site of your dreams

Hero Block

Make a statement with a strong first impression when users visit your site.


Team Block

Show off your team. Large or small, put your best foot forward and show 'em what you've got.


Feature Block

Show off your product's features. Use icons, images, mix and match multiple layouts.

Basic & Premium

Call To Action

Get your users excited with a time-based offer they can't refuse or a sign-up form!


Pricing Block

Offer one-time purchases, SAAS subscriptions, or multiple products, all connected to Stripe!


Contact Block

Let your users get in touch! Connect to backend automations for more power.

Basic & Premium

Sign Up Block

Easily add users to your app and protect pages. Link users to multiple subscription tiers and more!


Gallery Block

Showcase your images with a gallery block. Add advanced display options with additional features.

Basic & Premium

Chart Block

Add beautiful line, bar, or pie charts. All linked to real-time or dynamic data!


Super simple blocks pricing.

$99 per block for basic blocks.

$199 per block for premium blocks.

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