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No Code Web-App Builders

Web-app builders have come a long way.

The best ones let you build a real web-app in a few days, even with no prior experience. That means a full build, ready to publish to the web. Many builders handle hosting for you now, so you don't even need to fiddle much (or at all) with things like hosting services, DNS, or other initially confusing tech.

It's hard to believe, but the best no-code web-app builders let you create good-looking pages, powerful and complex app functionality, user accounts, live, dynamic data, paid memberships, url routing, and more - with nothing more than a drag and drop editor.

Most of the web-app builders on our list have native data capabilities (in the case of one builder, Softr, it is not actually native but feels like it) so that you require no special technical knowledge to get started. Some of the builders are extensible, which just means that you can extend the app without 3rd party capabilites outside what are natively offered by the platform. For example, you can in some cases connect to external data sources if you like, which an greatly increase the speed and power of your app as you scale.

Finally, some of these builders even offer you the power to create an API for your app that others can access. This is an incredibly powerful feature and opens up a world of possibilites for your apps.

Take a look through our list of the best no code web-app builders. All of them are great in their own way. 

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The Best Web-App Builders
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