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No Code Database Builders

Databases have come a long way. In fact, they've come so far they don't even look like databases anymore.

Some even look like beautiful spreadsheets. Yet, they serve as relational databases. (And, if you think 'beautiful' 'spreadsheet' sounds like an oxymoron... it isn't! Really, you need to see it to believe it.)

In other cases, the database tools in question are not technically databases - they belong to a new class of tools specifically designed to help no-coders store, update, and retireve large amounts of data with ease. In many cases they can connect to 3rd party platforms - meaning you can pick a front-end design tool of choice and connect the data to your app. 

The best database builders on our list let you easily import data from other sources, and to build a real database that you can easily edit and improve, within minutes. web-app in a few days, even with no prior experience. That means you can geet data connected to your app, fully working and interactive, in just a few minutes if you know what you're doing (and maybe an hour or two if you don't). 

It's hard to believe, but the best no-code database builders will have you connecting an app to your data and running huge volumes of workflows in no time flat - with nothing more than a drag and drop editor.

Some of the database builders on our list have native app capabilities stacked on top - meaning you can build an app out of your data, on the same platform, with ease. If the platform in question doesn't have the functionality you want or noeed, you can always just connect the data to your front-end platform or tool of choice.

Finally, some of these database builders even offer you the power to create an API for your data that others can access. This is an incredibly powerful feature and opens up a world of possibilites for your apps, including the provision of your data to others, for a fee.

Take a look through our list of the best no code database builders. All of them are great in their own way. 

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The Best No Code Database Builders
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