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No Code Backend Builders

Backend builders and backend automation tools have come a long way.

The best ones let you build a powerful backend for your app in days and in some cases just a few hours. That means you can create complicated backend or 'server logic' for your apps without any servers - or any coding or even any real technical knowledge.  

It's hard to believe, but the best no-code backend builders let you create complex calculations, data processing, data parsing, api calls, data scraping, and a slew of powerful if-then app functionalities that 'do x' if your user does 'y'. All this - with nothing more than a drag and drop editor.

Most of the backend builders on our list have intuitive visual logic such as 'branching' or 'building with flowchart' functionality. Meaning you can build out a complex process with literally a drag and drop flowchart, with each stage of the flowchart loaded up with real, and powerful, app functionality that is itself designed with drag and drop.In many cases, the builders come with pre-built 'recipes' or templates that come prepopulated with app functionality that many users already need.

Many of these builders come with hundreds - and in some cases thousands - of pre-built integrations, meaning you can snap together complex workflows like LEGO, using nothing more than a drag and drop editor. And if that's not enough, some builders let you build your own integration for it, allowing you to extend the platform even further or - if you want to - even to offer it to the outside world, through the builder. 

Finally, some of these builders offer absoutely incredible scale, allowing you 'serverless' capacity that automatically levels up as your app requires more power and takes on more users. This can happen as a matter of course - automatically, in the background, without you having to do anything to facilitate this.

Take a look through our list of the best no code backend builders. All of them are great in their own way. 

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The Best No Code Backend Builders
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