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Introducing beautiful, fixed price websites. We use best-in-class tools, to help others take their incredible ideas to market stress-free. Guaranteed.

Hi, we are No Code Revolution

And I'm Paolo, NCR's founder.

After leading 2 major tech platform builds over 12 years, I'd had it with developers.

After being overcharged by tens and in one case hundreds of thousands of dollars; overpromised and underdelivered to; and even blackmailed by a CTO who wouldn't hand over the product at the time of his firing; and more....

I decided to learn to program myself. I'd driven a successful build of a platform that was sold to Thomson Reuters, but at too steep a cost. After 6 hard but amazing years of programming my next platform with others, the no-code movement began. A movement in which programming was simplified and standardized. A movement that made amazing things possible in a short period of time.

Once I ported our entire platform to a no-code architecture without the help of anyone else from our dev team, freed us from technical debt, and finally started converting legal departments to our platform over from Lexis Nexis... I knew the No Code movement had arrived.

I joined with other technical founders who also wanted to create a new way of developing websites & apps, and founded No Code Revolution. Where the best tools and processes enable the customer to get the very best products at a guaranteed fixed price.

No Code is still programming, but it vastly reduces the need for tedious code (which is but one mere, lower level of abstraction).

Our goal is to use these best-in-class tools, to help others take their incredible ideas to market - stress-free, at low-cost, and best of all... Free of the pain I and so many other founders, CEO's, or business owners have suffered taking their platforms to market.

No Code Revolution

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